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Pharmaceutical Solution Dilution Calculator

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This calculator calculates the volume of stock solutions and water needed to make a desired concentration of final concentration of up to 4 component chemicals.

It is based on the basic formula for concentration and volume determination:  C1V1 = C2V2.  Therefore, this calculator works for any concentration and volume units PROVIDED that these units are consistent.

For example: How to make 500 mL of Dextrose 6% Sodium 0.45% solution from stock solutions of Dextrose 50% and Sodium Chloride 23.4%?

Solution: Let A = Dextrose, B = Sodium.  Desired conc of A = 6, desired conc of B = 0.45.  Final volume = 500.  Stock conc of A = 50, stock conc of B = 23.4.  Press Calculate button.  Answer: Need 60 mL of Dextrose 50%, 9.6 ml of NaCl 23.4% and 430.4 mL of water.


Beta Version.  Please inform us if there is any problem with this calculator.

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