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Solution Calculator

(Achieve a third concentration from mixing 2 different concentrations)

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Volume of Soln 2

This tool calculates the volume of 2 stock solutions of the SAME solutes needed to make a third concentration that lies in between. 

Note that the desired concentration needs to be between the 2 stock concentrations and the unit for concentrations has to be CONSISTENT.

e.g. Stocks: D5W and D15W.  Need to make 100mL of D12W.  Enter as: Desired conc = 12; Desired volume = 100; Concentration 1 = 5; Concentration 2 = 15.  The volume of Solution 1 and 2 needed to mix to achieve 12% Dextrose will be calculated and displayed.

For simple dilution of a higher concentration to the desired concentration, enter 0 (zero) for concentration 2.  In that case, the volume calculated for Soln 2 will be that of sterile water for injection.

Beta Version.  Please inform us if there is any problem with this calculator.

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