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Category: Main/Clinical Specialties Resources/Cardiology

Cardiology - FP Handbook 
University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, Fourth Edition, Chapter 3
Hits: 1152

Cardiology Chapters 
From The Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project
Hits: 1101

eMedicine Cardiology - Medical Reference 

Hits: 1064

Thrombosis Guideline - TIGC 
Thrombosis Interest Group of Canada
Hits: 1255

American College of Cardiology (ACC) 
ACC is a professional society of cardiovascular physicians and scientists from around the world that support ACC's mission, which is to foster optimal cardiovascular care and disease prevention through professional education, promotion of research, leadership in the development of standards and guidelines and the formulation of health care policy.
Hits: 1374

American Heart Association (AHA) 
AHA is a U.S. national voluntary health agency whose mission is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. It aims to accomplish its mission by providing credible heart disease and stroke information for effective prevention and treatment.
Hits: 1353

American Society of Hypertension (ASH) 
ASH is a U.S. organization dedicated exclusively to hypertension and related cardiovascular disease. The mission of the Society is to organize and conduct educational activities designed to promote and encourage the development, advancement, and exchange of scientific information in all aspects of research, diagnosis, and treatment of hypertension, and related cardiovascular diseases.
Hits: 1291

Anticoagulation Forum (ACF) 
Recognizing the growing importance and widespread use of antithrombotic therapy for individuals with thromboembolic disorders, the Forum's mission is to develop a network of professionals committed to this therapeutic modality in order to exchange information, provide medical education, and pursue scientific investigation, with the ultimate goals of providing professional development and enhancing the quality of medical care.
Hits: 2614

Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) 
The mission of the CCS is to advance the cardiovascular health and care of Canadians through leadership in professional development, advocacy, and the promotion and dissemination of research. This site serves two important roles: to enhance communication among Canadian cardiovascular professionals; and to communicate the work done by these professionals to interested members of the public.
Hits: 1526

Cardiac Catheter Laboratory Based Computer Generated Bivalirudin Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Flow Sheet 
By Hospital Pharmacy
Hits: 1092

Cardiologist/Cardiology Portal 

Hits: 1111

Co-enzyme Q10 for heart disease 
From Drugs & Therapy Bulletin, SHANDS at the University of Florida.
Hits: 980

Global Cardiovascular Infobase 
The aim is to develop and maintain an accurate database of current epidemiological data describing each country's demographic profile, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease mortality, morbidity, risk factors, and related health services.
Hits: 1529

Heart And Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) 
HSFC's mission is to improve the health of Canadians by preventing and reducing disability and death from heart disease and stroke through research, health promotion and advocacy. Working closely with the federal government and other organizations, the HSFC seeks to influence the many issues that will impact the heart health of Canadians.
Hits: 1329

Ins and Outs of Continuous Infusion Diuretics 
From Drugs & Therapy Bulletin, SHANDS at the University of Florida.
Hits: 1037

New Directions in the Management of Hypertension 2004 
A CE for pharmacists by Bureau of Pharmaceutical Services
Hits: 1109

Role of Clinical Pharmacist in a Heart Failure Clinic 
By Hospital Pharmacy
Hits: 1328

Stroke Best Practice 
Online educational and best practice in stroke care
Hits: 1229

This site provides information on caring for people with disorders of the heart and circulation, and on preventing such disorders. The audience consists of cardiologists, allied healthcare professionals (such as nurses and lab technicians), and referring physicians.
Hits: 1419

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