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Emergency Medicine - eMedicine 
eMedicine is current clinical knowledge base available to physicians and health professionals. The evidence-based content provides current practice guidelines in 62 medical specialties. This specific site provides free physician reference articles and texts related to emergency medicine. All of eMedicine's original content undergoes four levels of physician peer review plus an additional review by a PharmD.
Hits: 1133

Emergency Psychiatry Service Handbook 
University of Iowa
Hits: 1110

ERWize - References for ER MD and RN 
Compiled and edited by MD's from Medical College of Cornell University.
Hits: 1237

Pediatric Emergency Drugs 
Pediatrics journal
Hits: 1643

Americal College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 
ACEP exists to support quality emergency medical care, and to promote the interests of emergency physicians. ACEP is emergency medicine's advocate and speaks out on health care issues that affect emergency physicians and the patients they care for. It also provides extensive practice management and education resources for its members.
Hits: 1439

Emergency Medicine on the Web 
The National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics (NCEMI) is a multicenter not-for-profit institute dedicated to the advancement of emergency medicine through the application of information technology. This site includes tools to help with clinical emergency medicine, medical education, medical research, and ER management. Clinical calculators, reference materials, medical search engines, online books, EKG archives, and x-rays are all provided.
Hits: 1298

Neonatal and paediatric intensive care 
Hospital Pharmacist.
Hits: 1107

Red Book - Arizona Emergency Medical Systems 
A book on emergency response in ER from Arizona Emergency Medical Systems
Hits: 1352

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