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Bandolier - Neurological Disorders 
Evidence-based online textbook from Oxford University
Hits: 1065

Bandolier - Stroke 
Evidence-based online textbook from Oxford University
Hits: 1130

eMedicine Neurology - Medical Reference 

Hits: 1022

University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, Fourth Edition, Chapter 9
Hits: 1080

Neurology Chapter 
From The Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project
Hits: 1109

American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 
AAN is an international professional association of neurologists and neuroscience professionals established to advance the art and science of neurology, and thereby promote the best possible care for patients with neurological disorders.
Hits: 1388

British National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke 
British National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke by Royal College of Physicians, UK
Hits: 1356

Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences (CCNS) 
CCNS is an affiliation of four national societies for neurology, neurosurgery, and related disciplines, who share a common interest in the functions and disorders of the human nervous system, and who work together to achieve common goals.
Hits: 1666

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) 
NINDS' mission is to: conduct, foster, coordinate, and guide research on neurological disorders and stroke; provide grants-in-aid to public and private institutions and individuals in fields related to its areas of interest; operate a programme of contracts for the funding of research and research support efforts in selected areas of institute need; provide individual and institutional fellowships to increase scientific expertise in neurological fields; conduct a diversified programme of intramural and collaborative research in its own laboratories and clinics; collect and disseminate research information related to neurological disorders.
Hits: 1270

Stroke Center 
Washington University in St. Louis. Web resource for stroke care and research.
Hits: 1166

Stroke Information Site 
Compiled by Dr R S MacWalter, University of Dundee, Scotland. Links to reputable sites on Stroke.
Hits: 1142

The Brain Attack Coalition 
Resources include Guidelines and Orders for systems development for acute stroke care (including stroke team or stroke center development), and Pathways for the rapid diagnosis and treatment (both immediate and long-term) of acute stroke.
Hits: 1283

Whole Brain Atlas 
Harvard Medical School. MRI and CT scans of the brain for various cerebral diseases and conditions.
Hits: 1236

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