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Keywords: Evidence-based medicine, EBM, clinical evidence, risk calculation, evidence-based terminology

Bandolier EBM Basics 
Evidence-based online textbook from Oxford University
Hits: 1811

Bandolier Knowledge 
Oxford University online textbook which collects good quality evidence under a variety of different headings. Systematic reviews of treatments, of evidence about diagnosis, epidemiology or health economics were searched and abstracted and presented in Bandolier Knowledge.
Hits: 1634

Evidence-Based On Call 
by NHS
Hits: 1619

ATTRACT - Evidenced based Q & A 
UK resources. Evidence-based question and answer site.
Hits: 1647

BestBETS - Evidence Based Medicine 
UK resources. Evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions.
Hits: 1546

BMJ Clinical Evidence 
From BMJ. Helping users practice evidence-based medicine with relevant tools
Hits: 1473

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine - Oxford 
Oxford University site.
Hits: 1670

Centre for Health Evidence Guide to Evidence-Based Practice 
Canadian site on EBM containing a complete set of Users' Guides originally published as a series in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
Hits: 1830

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) 
Published by the UK National Health Service's York Centre for Reviews and Dissemination. This is a database summarising and rating the quality of reviews that have been published worldwide.
Hits: 1784

Drug Information Resources from UKMi 
UK resources. Evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions.
Hits: 1561

EBM Resources Links 
by University of Massachusette Medical School
Hits: 1712

EBM Search Tips 
by University of Massachusette Medical School
Hits: 1707

Estimating cardiovascular risk and treatment benefit 
From the Clinical Evidence.
Hits: 1565

Evidence Based Mental Health Online 
A quarterly digest of the most important clinical research of relevance to clinicians in mental health
Hits: 1405

Evidence-based Medicine Resource Center 
New York Academy of Medicine site
Hits: 1524

Evidenced-based Medicine Training Workshop 
From the Clinical Evidence. Downloadable workshops for both trainer and trainee. Need to register to download.
Hits: 1481

Glossary of Evidenced-based Medicine Terms 
From the Clinical Evidence. Provides a definition and some explanation of the evidence-based medicine terms.
Hits: 1623

How to calculate risk 
From the Clinical Evidence. Explains the relationships among various terms used to describe risk, changes in risk, and significant statistical differences.
Hits: 1549

Informed Health Online 
By an Australian not-for-profit health promotion organisation. Site aims to provide information and resource tools that enable people to keep up-to-date with reliable, evidence-based information. Topics include news in healthcare, systematic reviews (from Cochrane Collaboration), and health topics A-Z.
Hits: 1770

Number Needed to Treat: adjusting for baseline risk 
From the Clinical Evidence.
Hits: 1436

Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine 
University of Toronto & University Health Network resources and know-hows on practicing Evidence-based Medicine
Hits: 1706

Retrieving and appraising systematic reviews 
Richard S. Slavik, Pharm.D. Pharmacotherapeutic Specialist - Critical Care. Pharmaceutical Sciences Rounds, Vancouver General Hospital
Hits: 1402

Therapeutic Initiatives - Evidenced Based Drug Therapy 
University of British Columbia. It aims to provide physicians and pharmacists with up to date, evidence based, practical information on rational drug therapy.
Hits: 1175

Tips for Evaluating & Keeping Up With the Healthcare Literature 
Robert M Balen BSc(Pharm), PharmD Interior Health Pharmacists Meeting and Conference. Silver Star Mountain Resort, Vernon, BC, May 28, 2004.
Hits: 1440

Users' Guides to Evidence-Based Practice 
By Centre for Health Evidence, University of Alberta
Hits: 1237

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