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Australian Prescriber 
Provides readily accessible information about drugs and therapeutics. It covers topics assisting doctors, dentists, pharmacists and students. This site provides full text versions of the publication with a search facility.
Hits: 1496

Drug Topics 

Hits: 1751

Effective Clinical Practice - ACP 
American College of Physicians publication
Hits: 1919

A monthly clinical journal for members of pharmacy and therapeutics (P & T) committees (and others charged with drug management responsibilities) at hospitals, HMOs and other managed care settings, PBM companies, and within the VA system.
Hits: 1770

Free Medical Journals 
Over 1000 collections of free journals. Many are in English.
Hits: 2061

Hospital Pharmacist 
By Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Hits: 1881

Journal Club on the Web 
Blog on critiques of journal publications
Hits: 1720

Journal of Medical Internet Research 

Hits: 1562

Medical Journal of Australia 

Hits: 1583

Pharmaceutical Journal 
Official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Hits: 1850

Pharmacy Journals 

Hits: 2232

The Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine 
Wide variety of topics. Very conise. From The Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project
Hits: 1690

US Pharmacist 

Hits: 1762

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