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Keywords: Database of clinical trials, research terminology, statistics, statistical analysis, basic statistic, clinical research
Research Database 

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service 
Wealth of information about clinical research, including listings of more than 41,000 active industry and government-sponsored clinical trials, as well as new drug therapies in research and those recently approved by the FDA.
Hits: 1693 
Information on clinical trials and human research studies. US government site.
Hits: 1759

EBM Calculator 
University of Toronto - EBM Calculator is designed to calculate relevant statistics for Diagnostic studies, Prospective Studies, Case Control Studies, and Randomized Control Trials (RCT).
Hits: 1819

NNT Explained - Bandolier 
How to calculate NNT (number needed to treat) and its interpretation nicely presented by Bandolier
Hits: 1822

Number needed to treat (NNT) calculator 
From Bandolier
Hits: 1630

Search the Studies 
Search the collection of research studies being conducted at the NIH Clinical Center. Searchable by diagnosis, sign, symptom, or other key words or phrases. US government site.
Hits: 1719

Statistics at Square One - BMJ 
The best-selling statistical text book in the UK, 'Statistics at Square One' has chapters on data display and summary, mean and standard deviation, populations and samples, probabilities and confidence intervals, t-tests, chi-squared tests, rank score tests, correlation and regression, and more.
Hits: 2577

Tips for Evaluating & Keeping Up With the Healthcare Literature 
Robert M Balen BSc(Pharm), PharmD Interior Health Pharmacists Meeting and Conference. Silver Star Mountain Resort, Vernon, BC, May 28, 2004.
Hits: 1824

WHO Statistical Information 
World Health Organization site covering statistics such as that of mortality and burden of diseases
Hits: 1553

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