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Category: Main/Calculators / Formulas / Clinical Tools

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Creatinine Clearance, IBW, Dosing Weight, BSA Calculator  Popular Links
From RPhWorld. Calculates creatinine clearance using umol/L as well as mg/dL as creatinine unit. Weight and height can be entered in conventional or SI. Height is optional for creatinine clearance calculation. Body Surface Area (BSA) can be calculated by various way: Dubois, Mosteller, Haycock, Gehan/George and Boyd.
Hits: 50311

MedCalc Online Clinical Calculators  Popular Links
Excellent tool. Has just about everything needed including Vancomycin and Gentamicin dosing.
Hits: 12540

Online Medical Calculators 
From MedicineWorld.Org. Extensive list of clinical calculators: Oncology Calculators, Pulmonary medicine tools, Emergency medicine tools, Internal medicine tools, Cardiology tools, Nursing tools, BMI calculator, Nephrology tools, Pediatric tools, Pharmacology tools, Hematology tools, Pregnancy Calculators and gynecological calculators, Activity, calorie, nutrition, weight and cholesterol calculators, Neurology tools, Surgical tools, Risk Calculators, Diagnostic Calculators, Ingested substance blood levels, Growth Calculators
Hits: 3959

Pharmaceutical Solution Dilution Calculator  Popular Links
From RPhWorld, This calculator calculates the volume of stock solutions and water needed to make a desired concentration of final concentration of up to 4 component chemicals. It is based on the basic formula for concentration and volume determination: C1V1 = C2V2. Therefore, this calculator works for any concentration and volume units PROVIDED that these units are consistent.
Hits: 17787

Aminoglycoside Dosing by Levels Calculator 
This calculator by is based on the Sawchuk and Zaske's Equations. Target Trough/Peak - refers to the trough(pre) and peak (post) level desired. Do not enter the unit. Observed Trough/Peak - refers to the observed trough and peak levels obtained from blood work. Dose/Interval - Enter the dose of gentamicin (e.g. 100 for 100mg) and dosing interval (e.g. 12 for Q12H). Inf Duration - duration of infusion in number of hour (e.g. enter 0.5 for 30min infusion). t(last inf end to trough) - is the time from the end of infusion of previous dose to when the trough level was drawn. e.g. if dose was given at 0800, infusion duration was 0.5hr, and trough level drawn at 1930, this time is 11hr. t(inf end to peak) - is the time from the end of infusion to when the peak level is drawn. e.g. if dose is at 2000, infusion duration of 0.5hr, and the peak was drawn at 2100, this time is 0.5hr.
Hits: 270

Body Surface Area Calculators  Popular Links
Different variations of BSA calculation including DuBois, Mosteller, Heycock, Gehan & George and Boyd. Options of using S.I. or conventional units.
Hits: 6482

British National Formulary Calculators 
Severity of paracetamol poisoning calcuation, Joint British Societies Cardiac Risk Assessment Calculation, Imperial-metric conversions, Expected due date from date of last menstrual period
Hits: 4999

Calculation of Intravenous Infusion Rates  Popular Links
By University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Pharmacy Services
Hits: 5607

Calculators - GlobalRPh  Popular Links

Hits: 21869

Clinical Measurement and Calculation Formulas  Popular Links

Hits: 5551

Conventional to SI Units Conversion Factors  Popular Links
Compiled by a hospital pharmacist affiliated with VA Medical Center, Michigan.
Hits: 5253

Corticosteroid Dose Converter 
From MedCalc. Calculator to covert the dose of steroid A to the dose of steroid B.
Hits: 3660

Creatinine Clearance Calculator 
A creatinine clearance calculator from RPhWorld which works for both SI unit and conventional unit. The calculator uses IBW if height is entered, otherwise, it uses the actual body weight.
Hits: 1181

Dose Calc Online  Popular Links
Aids healthcare professionals in determining individual patient doses for standard cancer regimens used in treatment of solid tumors and adult leukemias.
Hits: 6146

EBM Calculator 
University of Toronto - EBM Calculator is designed to calculate relevant statistics for Diagnostic studies, Prospective Studies, Case Control Studies, and Randomized Control Trials (RCT).
Hits: 3266

Estimating cardiovascular risk and treatment benefit 
From the Clinical Evidence.
Hits: 2884

GFR Calculators for Adults & Children 
Original MDRD Study Equation; IDMS-traceable MDRD Study Equation; Schwartz Equation from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Hits: 2427

GI cocktail / Pink Lady Ingredients  Popular Links
Various formula for GI cocktail / Pink Lady ingredients.
Hits: 11266

Health Calculators and Charts 
Site run by an MD. Includes Body Mass Index, breast cancer risk, Ideal Weight, Body Surface Area, Pediatric Child Growth Charts, Height and Weight Charts
Hits: 3862

Health Tools Calculators 
Hits: 2588

How to calculate risk 
From the Clinical Evidence. Explains the relationships among various terms used to describe risk, changes in risk, and significant statistical differences.
Hits: 3077

MDChoice Clinical Calculators 
Clinical Calculators and Scoring Systems
Hits: 4954

Medication Infusion Rate Calculator 
This calculator determines the rate of infusion (ml/min) given the concentration (mg/ml, mcg/ml, or g/ml) and the required infusion rate in mg/min, mcg/min, or g/min.
Hits: 1323

mEq and mmol Calculation Information and Aligation Calculator 
mEq and mmol Calculation Information and Calculator. Written by David Brown, Pharm D, BCPS, University of Georgia. Basic meq and mmol calculations, Mmol and meq of Phosphates. Electrolyte Concentrations and Aligation Calculator. Calcium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Acetate, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate,Sodium Bicarbonate
Hits: 2422

Metric-Apothecary Weights and Volume Conversions 
By University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Pharmacy Services
Hits: 4991

Narcotic Equivalence Converter  Popular Links
From MedCalc. Calculator to covert the dose of narcotic A to the dose of narcotic B.
Hits: 6024

Number needed to treat (NNT) calculator 
From Bandolier
Hits: 2637

Oncology Tools - Dose Calculator  Popular Links
From FDA. This calculator will convert a dose in mg/kg or mg/m2 to a total dose. It will also indicate the equivalent dose for several species of animals. The method to convert a dose from one species to another is to set the dose in mg/m2 the same.
Hits: 12313

Online Medical Calculators 
Extensive list from MedicineWorld.Org
Hits: 2689

Online Medical Calculators 
From Medical Algorithm Project
Hits: 4292

Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Calculator 
From University of Kansas Medical Center.
Hits: 2767

Pediatric Fluids and Electrolyte Therapy Calculator 
From MedCalc
Hits: 2713

Solution Calculator 
From RPhWorld, this tool calculates the volume of 2 stock solutions of the SAME solutes needed to make a third concentration that lies in between.
Hits: 2227

The Four Most Important Equations in Clinical Practice  Popular Links
By a professor from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio
Hits: 5453

Vancomycin Dosing and Pharmacokinetics  Popular Links
From MedCalc. Provides dosing information and pharmacokinetic parameters when patients weight, height, age, sex and Creatinine level are entered.
Hits: 10723

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