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Merck Vetinary Medicine Manual 

Hits: 1617

Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association (CVMA) 
The CVMA provides professional development opportunities, publishes scientific journals, establishes nutritional standards for pet foods and administers the National Examining Board examination. It represents veterinarians on a national level, promoting veterinary medicine to the public and advocating responsible care of animals.
Hits: 1747

Elephant Formulary 
Compiled by Susan K. Mikota DVM and Donald C. Plumb, Pharm.D. Drug information pertinent to elephants.
Hits: 2011

FARAD - Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank 
A computer-based decision support system designed to provide livestock producers, extension specialists, and veterinarians with practical information on how to avoid drug, pesticide and environmental contaminant residue problems.
Hits: 1532

NetVet Veterinary Resources 
Web site categorizes and organizes veterinary medical and animal-related information on the internet in a relevant, easy-to-use format for people interested in these topics.
Hits: 1604

Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists 
The purpose of this Society is the furtherance of interests and promotion of education for veterinary hospital pharmacy.
Hits: 1702

The American Veterinary Medical Association Online 
The objective of the Association is to advance the science and art of veterinary medicine, including its relationship to public health, biological science, and agriculture. It's the authorized voice for the profession in presenting its views to government, academia, agriculture, pet owners, the media, and other concerned publics.
Hits: 1543

Veterinary Medicine (Biosciences) 
The WWW Virtual Library Veterinary Medicine is a selected collection of veterinary medical Internet resources.
Hits: 1629

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