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Category: Main/Allergy / Reactivity / Cross Sensitivity

Keywords: Allergic reaction, drug allergy, cross sensitivity determination, drug group, drug family, anaphylaxis, drug hypersensitivity, hypersensitivity reaction, drug reaction, immunology, drug-induced photosensitivity

"I'm Allergic to Penicillin" - Prescribing pointers 
From National Prescribing Services in Australia. How common is true penicillin allergy? Reactions which are not allergies. Will the person allergic to penicillins also react to cephalosporins?
Hits: 4286

'Sulfur allergy' label is misleading 
'Sulfur allergy' label is misleading From Australian Prescriber
Hits: 2751

All Allergy Net 
Web portal to resources on asthma, allergy and intolerance
Hits: 2712

Allergy & Immunology Chapters 
Allergy & Immunology Chapters. From The Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project
Hits: 2661

Allergy Advisor Educational Review 
Food allergy and intollerance presented as case study, diagnostic testing and treatment. Topics include: Fructose intolerance, Adverse reactions to wheat, Peanut allergy, Non-IgE reactions to cow's milk, Adverse reactions to cow's milk, Beeturia, Hidden allergens, Asparagus and artichoke, Potato, Fish, Tartrazine, Frey's syndrome, Oral Allergy Syndrome, MSG, Iodine, Sulfites, Mango and Maize
Hits: 2994

Anaphylaxis Review: What Pharmacists Need to Know 
Anaphylaxis Review: What Pharmacists Need to Know. CE from Pharmacy Times. CE objectives: Describe the pathophysiology of and risk factors for anaphylaxis. Discuss the different treatment options available for the treatment of anaphylaxis and detail when they are appropriate. Counsel and educate patients on anaphylaxis and how to use the different epinephrine auto-injector kits.
Hits: 1530

Anticonvulsant Hypersensitivity Syndrome 
From Information for Health Professionals, a government of New Zealand website.
Hits: 2926

Antiepileptic hypersensitivity syndrome 
Antiepileptic hypersensitivity syndrome From Drugs & Therapy Bulletin, SHANDS at the University of Florida.
Hits: 2561

Carbapenem - Cross Sensitivity and Sorbitol - Induced Diarrhea 
By a pharmacist form The University of Iowa. Carbapenem (Meropenem, imipenem-cilastatin, ertapenem) - Cross Sensitivity with other Beta - Lactams, Sorbitol - Induced Diarrhea
Hits: 3990

Cross-reactivity of beta-lactam antibiotics  Popular Links
Cross-reactivity of beta-lactam antibiotics. Written by a PharmD from the Department of Pharmacy Services, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas. CEPHALOSPORINS, CARBAPENEMS, MONOBACTAMS
Hits: 6644

Drug Allergy Information Sheet 
By the Allergy Society of South Africa. Tables of drugs commonly associated with anaphylactic reaction, allergic contact dermatitis, rashes in sun-exposed area
Hits: 2283

Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome 
Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome. Government of New Zealand site
Hits: 2720

Drug-induced Photosensitivity 
from e-Medicine. Drug-Induced Photosensitivity. Common Photosensitizing Medications. Phototoxic Reaction, Photoallergic Reaction, Planus Lichenoides Reaction, Pseudoporphyria, Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus(SCLE)
Hits: 4013

Drug-induced photosensitivity 
FP Notebook. Photosensitizer, Medication Causes of Phototoxic Reaction, Phytodermatitis, Phytophotodermatitis
Hits: 2738

Examining Penicillin Allergies  Popular Links
Wake Forest University School of Medicine powerpoint presentation on penicillin allergy covering: What is a true penicillin allergy?, How can we determine who is truly allergic?, What are the antimicrobial resistance and economic benefits of clarifying penicillin allergy?, A brief comment on cephalosporins, Who cares?! Infections for which penicillin is preferred or absolutely indicated., Approaching the patient with penicillin allergy
Hits: 11354

Food allergy 
From BMJ's "10 minute consultations" primary care guidance. Differentiate between IgE mediated allergic reac­ tions and non­allergic food reactions
Hits: 2922

Glucosamine and Shellfish Allergy 
Glucosamine and Shellfish Allergy. Fom Drugs & Therapy Bulletin, SHANDS at the University of Florida.
Hits: 3405

Immunotherapy for allergic disorders 
Immunotherapy for allergic disorders From Australian Prescriber
Hits: 1774

Latex Allergy 101 
Latex Allergy 101. From the American Latex Allergy Association. Includes: Latex Allergy 101 Fact Sheet–Allergy Information, Fact Sheet–Anaphylaxis, Fact Sheet–Asthma, Fact Sheet–Cross-Reactive Foods
Hits: 2686

Local Anesthetics Chemical Classification 
Local Anesthetics Chemical Classification. From Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre Formulary
Hits: 3229

Minimizing "Allergic" Reactions to Contrast Media 
Minimizing "Allergic" Reactions to Contrast Media From Drugs & Therapy Bulletin, SHANDS at the University of Florida.
Hits: 2099

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 
From National Institute of Health.
Hits: 1838

NSAID Chemical Classification  Popular Links
Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre Formulary. CLASSIFICATION OF NON-STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (NSAIDs.Carboxylic Acids, Enolic Acids,Cox II Inhibitors
Hits: 7022

Opioid Analgesics Chemical Classification  Popular Links
Hits: 7598

Opioid-induced Pruritus 
Opioid-induced Pruritus. Literature searched and written by a pharmacist from The Royal Children Hospital, Australia.
Hits: 3096

Peanut Allergy 
Peanut Allergy Recommendations and advices from Information for Health Professionals, a government of New Zealand resource.
Hits: 2351

Preventing Allergic Reactions to Drugs 
Preventing Allergic Reactions to Drugs From Drugs & Therapy Bulletin, SHANDS at the University of Florida.
Hits: 2360

Sulfonamide Cross-Sensitivity Reactions  Popular Links
Sulfonamide Cross-Sensitivity Reactions. Written by a pharmacist from the University of Iowa Virutal Hospital. Sulfonamide Antimicrobials, Sulfonamide-Derivatives
Hits: 7842

Sulphur Allergy  Popular Links
Sulphur Allergy From Clinical Pharmacology Department, Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand
Hits: 8224

Testing for Drug Allergy 
From Australian Prescriber. Info on immediate hypersensitivity, antibiotic allergy, skin testing.
Hits: 2599

Update on the OTC Treatment of Allergies: Focus on Allergic Conjunctivitis 
Update on the OTC Treatment of Allergies: Focus on Allergic Conjunctivitis. CE objectives: Describe the epidemiology, etiology, and pathophysiology of allergic conjunctivitis within the context of allergic symptoms in general, including risk factors, signs, and symptoms. Describe the various types of allergic conjunctivitis. Advise patients on pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic measures that aid in the management of allergies and allergic conjunctivitis. Discuss the mechanism of action and adverse effects associated with the OTC pharmacologic agents available for the treatment and management of allergic conjunctivitis. Educate patients on the proper use of OTC pharmacologic agents used to prevent and treat allergic conjunctivitis.
Hits: 1409

Using diuretics in patients with sulfa allergies  Popular Links
Using diuretics in patients with sulfa allergies. From Drugs & Therapy Bulletin, SHANDS at the University of Florida.
Hits: 5690

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