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Category: Main/Technology in Pharmacy

Keywords: Technology such as smart phones, iPad, PDA, Personal Digital Assistance use in medicine, PDA in pharmacy, Clinical software for PDA

Diagnosaurus Differential Diagnosis 
Free McGraw-Hill software. Explore by disease, symptom, or organ system. Adapted from CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment. Indispensable for rounds and conferences. Includes all primary care topics.
Hits: 1845

E-prescribing: Improving Pharmacy Efficiency with Emerging & Existing Technology 
CE from Pharmacy Times. CE objectives: Define e-prescribing and review the e-prescribing tools available to prescribers and pharmacists; Discuss prescriber and pharmacist perceptions of e-prescribing to include the impact of e-prescribing on health care efficiency and patient safety; List the potential benefits of e-prescribing and the information available with electronic medical records (EMRs) access.
Hits: 783

John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide 
The Johns Hopkins POC-IT (Point of Care Information Technology) Antibiotic (ABX) Guide is a handheld-ready adaptation of the online ABX Guide. It is optimized for use at the point of care and for each handheld device. (now with a fee)
Hits: 3940

Micromedex Drug Information for iPhone/iPad/iTouch 
Drug Information on the Go from Micromedex. This application is not a trial. Now you can access the same content you rely on in Micromedex on your iPhone for free. Very concise information. Ideal for busy clinicians. Contains the following searchable terms:· generic names, including selected combination products · common trade names · therapeutic class · black box warnings · dosage, adult · dosage, pediatric · dose adjustments · indications (differentiated as “FDA labeled” and “non-FDA labeled”) · administration · monitoring · how supplied · contraindications · precautions · adverse effects (separated into “common” and “serious”) · drug interactions · pregnancy category · breast feeding · mechanism of action · pharmacokinetics · toxicology
Hits: 798

Optimizing Personal Digital Assistant Use in Your Pharmacy Practice 
Pharmaceutical Sciences Rounds, Vancouver General Hospital
Hits: 2244

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