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Category: Main/Pharmacist Continuing Education/Geriatrics

Antipsychotics in the elderly: Opening Pandora’s Medicine Cabinet. 
By Dr. Karen Tulloch. Pharmaceutical Sciences Rounds, Vancouver General Hospital
Hits: 2194

CE modules from Apotex
Hits: 1785

Current Pharmacotherapy for Alzheimer's Disease 
CE from Inet
Hits: 2061

Focus on Women's Health: Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis 
CE from Inet
Hits: 1828

Issues and Solutions in Chronic Pain Management: An Update for the Community Pharmacist 
Issues and Solutions in Chronic Pain Management: An Update for the Community Pharmacist. CE objectives: Describe the clinical, humanistic, and economic burden associated with the management of patients with chronic pain. Examine challenges, such as appropriate pain management and the potential for abuse and misuse, confronted by patients and practitioners when managing chronic pain. Identify legislative mandates and practice pattern recommendations that have been developed in an effort to curtail the abuse and misuse potential of opioid analgesics. Describe current strategies that have been developed to prevent opioid abuse and misuse, including methods for identifying patients at risk and alterations in product formulations.
Hits: 979

New Insights into Osteoporosis Management 
CE from PowerPak
Hits: 1875

CE modules from Apotex
Hits: 1725

OTC Medication Use in Seniors 
From US Pharmacist
Hits: 1906

Rational Prescribing in the Elderly 
CE from Inet
Hits: 2415

Review of Insomnia: The Sleep Cycle and Treatment Options 
CE from Pharmacy Times
Hits: 1840

Sleep Disorders: Etiology and Treatment 
CE from Inet
Hits: 1975

Treating Aggressive Behavior in the Elderly 
Continuing Education for Pharmacists The Bureau of Pharmaceutical Services of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy
Hits: 1972

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