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Category: Main/Pharmacist Continuing Education/Pain & Palliative Care

The Chronic Moderate Pain Dilemma 
Continuing education module from rxBriefcase
Hits: 1750

Achieving Outcomes: Best Practices in the Management of Cancer Pain 

Hits: 1806

Advances in Assessing and Managing Breakthrough Pain 
CE from Medscape. Need a free registration to access.
Hits: 2079

Chronic Pain: Overcoming Treatment Barriers for Effective Outcomes 
CE from Medscape. Need a free registration to access.
Hits: 1901

Hospice Referral and Care: Practical Guidance for Clinicians 
CE from Medscape. Need a free registration to access.
Hits: 1879

Issues in Chronic Pain Management 
CE from PowerPak
Hits: 2186

Issues In Chronic Pain Management: Balancing Clinical & Risk Management Considerations 
CE from US Pharmacist
Hits: 2273

Management of Acute Pain in Hospitalized Children 
From US Pharmacist
Hits: 1759

Managing Non-pain Symptoms in End-of-Life Care 

Hits: 1973

Neuropathic Pain Pathophysiology, Treatment and Patient Management 
CE from US Pharmacist
Hits: 2030

Nonsurgical Management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
CE from PowerPak
Hits: 1672

Opioid Pharmacotherapy For The Management of Moderate to Severe Pain 
Balancing Clinical and Risk Management Considerations CE from PowerPak
Hits: 1927

Opioid Use in Clinical Practice 
CE from Pharmacy Times
Hits: 1748

Opioids: Beyond Cancer Treatment 
CE from RxSchool. Note that a FREE registration is required to access this module.
Hits: 1787

Patient Controlled-Analgesia (PCA 
CE from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)
Hits: 1879

Pharmacologic Treatment of Chronic Pain 
CE from Inet
Hits: 2080

Reducing GI Risks in Patients Requiring Chronic NSAID Therapy 
CE from US Pharmacist
Hits: 1728

The Cardiovascular Safety of COX-2 Inhibitors: What should we do now? 
Pharmaceutical Sciences Rounds, Vancouver General Hospital
Hits: 1736

Use of Long Acting Opioids for Chronic Pain: An Update on Issues, Research and Treatment Trends 
CE from PowerPak
Hits: 1802

Use of Long-Acting Opioids for the Management of Chronic Pain 
CE from US Pharmacist
Hits: 1877

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