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How to Become a Hospital Pharmacist in US 
By the
Hits: 850

How to become a pharmacist 
By Canadian Pharmacists Association. Information for prospective pharmacy students to make an appropriate decision about a career in pharmacy. Covering: What Do Pharmacists Do?, Where Do Pharmacists Work?, What Characteristics Make a Good Pharmacist?, What Are the Rewards of Being a Pharmacist?, What Education Do I Need to Be a Pharmacist? and How Do I Obtain My Pharmacy Licence?
Hits: 797

How to become a pharmacist in Ireland 
From University of Dublin Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Covers: Pharmacy Graduate Entry, Outline of Course, Careers in Pharmacy (retail, hospital, industry), Higher degrees in Pharmaceutical sciences
Hits: 811

Salary and Wage of Pharmacists in Canada 
Average hourly wages of pharmacists in different provinces and region in Canada. The source of this information is not clear.
Hits: 828

Salary of pharmacists in USA 
From PayScale. The range of salary listed for common retail pharmacy chains as well as other pharmacy category e.g. hospital pharmacy, industry pharmacy etc...
Hits: 896

Shall I study pharmacy ? 
Shall I study pharmacy ? By American Pharmacists Association. Covers possible practice of pharmacy including: Community Pharmacy and Consultant Pharmacists, Hospitals and Other Institutional Settings, Managed Care Pharmacy, The Pharmaceutical Industry, Academic Pharmacy, and specialty pharmacy. Also discuss about: Professional Commitment, Professional Prospects, Working Environment, Personal Qualifications, Preparation for Study, Pharmaceutical Education, Professional Courses, Choice of School, Expenses, Sources of Financial Aid...
Hits: 859

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Pharmacist 
Top Ten Reasons to Become a Pharmacist. By the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.
Hits: 945

Training as a pharmacist in the UK 
Training as a pharmacist in the UK. By NHS. Describes the training programme to qualify as a pharmacist.
Hits: 855

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