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Pharmacist Resources Directory

Allergy / Reactivity / Cross Sensitivity               Hospital Order Sets / clinical protocols
Antimicrobial Manuals               IV Manual and IV Compatibility
Calculators / Formulas / Clinical Tools               Journal Collections
Canadian Resources               Lab, Medical Tests & Interpretations
Career in Pharmacy               Laughters in Medicine
Clinical Guidelines               Medical Care of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Clinical Rounds               Medication Error
Clinical Specialties Resources               News, Bulletins, and Alerts
Complementary Medicines               Online Medical Textbooks
Compounding & IV Ad               Over The Counter Drugs
Crush/With Foods/Empty Stomach?               Patient Counselling & Information
Dictionaries & Abbreviations               Pharmacist Conferences
Drug Availability & Identification               Pharmacist Continuing Education
Drug Comparison Charts               Poison Control & Toxicology
Drug Information Database               Prescription Cost & Coverage
Drug Interaction               Renal Insufficiency & Dialysis
Drug Safety & Warnings               Research & Statistics
Drug Use in Geriatric Patients               Route / Formulation Coversion
Drug Use in Hepatic Insufficiency               Side Effects and Managements
Drug Use in Pediatrics & Neonates               Technology in Pharmacy
Drug Use in Pregnancy & Lactation               Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Dosing
Drug-Induced Symptoms               Therapeutic Interchange & Potency Conversion
Evidence-Based Medicine               Travel Medicine
Hospital Formulary               Veterinary Medicine

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