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This calculator by is based on the Sawchuk and Zaske's Equations. Target Trough/Peak - refers to the trough(pre) and peak (post) level desired. Do not enter the unit. Observed Trough/Peak - refers to the observed trough and peak levels obtained from blood work. Dose/Interval - Enter the dose of gentamicin (e.g. 100 for 100mg) and dosing interval (e.g. 12 for Q12H). Inf Duration - duration of infusion in number of hour (e.g. enter 0.5 for 30min infusion). t(last inf end to trough) - is the time from the end of infusion of previous dose to when the trough level was drawn. e.g. if dose was given at 0800, infusion duration was 0.5hr, and trough level drawn at 1930, this time is 11hr. t(inf end to peak) - is the time from the end of infusion to when the peak level is drawn. e.g. if dose is at 2000, infusion duration of 0.5hr, and the peak was drawn at 2100, this time is 0.5hr.

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